Ajarn Tai

Brief Bio Of Ajarn Tai
Ajarn Tai learn his wicha and orient from Wat Khao Or, a temple famous for white magic from the linage of famous Ajarn Fon and Ajarn Chum.
  • Ajarn Tai is famous for his blessing effect that help devotees to achieve break thru and smooth sailing in life, business etc.
  • Ajarn Tai only do blessing that is devotees need or require and helps in their life but not the blessing that they wanted to do if it does not help.
  • Another famous thing for Ajarn Tai is his Tarot reading which is almost 99% accurate as feedback from devotees.
  • The reading is able to know things that is only known to ourself and not others, the reading is able to pin point problem and advise what to do to assist to solve the problem. 
  • Ajarn Tai is also well versed in Feng Shui reading and consultation as well as advising which buddha to pray to and which amulet to wear etc.
Master of Ajarn Tai
Luang Por Cher Wat Klang Bang Kaew
  • Ajarn Tai learn the knowledge and art of making Biage amulets from Luang Por Cher of Wat Klang Bang Kaew, whom is famous from making Phra Chao Sua and Biage amulets.
  • So any friends whom own a biage make by Ajarn Tai do keep it well as it is as much effective as Luang Por Cher's
Luang Pu Pha Wat Kok Dok Mai (Chainat Province)
  • Luang Pu Pha is a well known senior guru monk in Chainat Province, he is the abbot of Wat Kok Dok Mai Chainat,
  • He is strict and kind to everyone, Luang Pu Pha is famous in making holy water that people called him "Luang Pu Pra Nammon Bath Diaw" (Nammom = Holy Water, Bath Diaw = A bowl. His holy water can change a bad situation to a good situation. 
  • Luang Pu Pha learn wicha from 2 great master Lp Toh Wat Wihan Thong who was his uncle and Luang Por Guay Wat Kositaram which is the famous maker of somdej wekman, phra sivali and mae thorani which is known to many amulets collectors.
  • Ajarn Tai learn the making of holy water which he use for house blessing, flower bath and blessing ceremony. 
Luang Por Eiam Wat Sapansoong
  • Luang Por Eiam of Wat Sapansoong is famous for the wicha of protection against black magic, evil spirits etc. 
  • He is famous maker of Phra Pidta also the master of Lp Glin which later is the master of Lp Thongsuk. 
  • Ajarn Tai learn his Sakyant from Luang Por Eiam of Wat Sapansoong, which helps many of his devotees to achieve smooth sailing and break thru in life.