Luang Por Tim Wat Phra Khao


Luang Phor Tim of Wat Pra Khao, Ayutthaya was born in the month of March 1913 (BE 2456) in Ayutthaya Province.

Initially, he was ordained at Wat Pikut for 3 months and left the monkhood for personal reasons but was ordained for a second time on 10th April 1948. Luang Phor Sang of Wat Namtao was his Preceptor for his second ordination.

He has been an expert of concentration of Buddhist Mindfulness and studied deeply into Vipassana Meditation under the revered Luang Phor Jong of Wat Natangnok and Luang Phor Sodh of Wat Paknam (The Master of Vijja Dhammakaya).



LP Tim completed his Tudong journey alone and is one of the top Guru monks of today. He's famous and popular for his knowledge in both Dhamma and Wicha (Knowledge of Supernarural Arts).
LP Tim moved to Wat Phra Khao in 1949 where at that time the Chief Abbot was LP Ting Buddhasiri. LP Tim made highly effective amulets where their are countless testimonies from devotees, well noted are his amulets that possess the power to secure good fortune in business, wealth fetching, metta and business enhancements. LP Tim passed away in the year 2009 (BE 2552).
Phra Khun Pean BE 2552
This special Phra Khun Pean amulet with gemstones is consecrated in year 2552 and chant by Luang Por Tim.
Made using sacred 108 Holy Powders material and embed sand gemstone, featuring very beautiful and stunning Phra Khun Pean image and with Lp Tim Yant behind.
This batch is highly recommended for it effectiveness on Metta Maha Niyom (Popularity) and Metta Maha Senah (Loving Kindness and Opposite sex attraction)