Phra Somdej Po Prok BE 2514

This is the classic batch that is know to all Lp Pae's devotees, first batch prok po amulet made by Lp after his visit from India. 

This batch of Amulets is made for the purpose of constructing kudi (a place for monk to stay) beside the hall that we pay respect to Lp shrine, friends whom visited Wat Pikulthong will know where it is.

This amulets material is one of the best that Lp Pae had manage to collected from india, which consist the Soil from birth place of Lord Buddha, Soil from the place which Lord Buddha enlighten, Soil from the place which Lord Buddha give his Dharma speech and teaching.  

Somdej Prok Po had believe to mean shelter , enlightenment , wisdom as long time ago, the wisdom or teachers tend to sit below Bodhi Tree as the leave is big enough to shelter from sun to give teaching and speech. 


This batch of Phra Somdej consist of 3 molding, which is Nur Kersong (flowers pollen) , Phim Laiser ( Tiger Stripe) , Nur Bailan ( Burned Scriptures ) , this batch consist of Lp Pae's special powder " Ittijay " " Powder for Grace Popularity and Loving Kindness "

which is made following Ajarn's Toh Wat Rakang methods, which include writing drying ingredients and writing Mantra on board and rub off collecting the dust from the chalk, dry up and re - do. The powder that gather from the 2nd process is then powder " Ittijay " where the first powder collected is called " Pattamung " for invulnerable (Protection)

The above Phim is Phim Laiser " Tiger Stripe " made using Nur Phoong material and Nur Bailan together with " Ittijay " powder. Gold flake and Lp Pae 's hair is used together as well and Tarkut emblem inside.

This classic amulet is beautiful with very sharp feature and in good condition, Lp 's hairs, gold flake and ingredients can be seen on this piece.


The above Phim is Nur Kersong , which some called " White Meat " which consist only of Nur Phoong material. Gold flakes, Lp Pae's hairs was used together when pressing this mould and some can be seen on the surface. 

Above all 3 phim , Phim Nur Kersong is the least expensive, which is consider a good starter for friends whom want to try BE 2514.

Phim Nur Bailan , the most expensive and more popular phim. This batch is made using mixture of more Nur Bailan material.

Nur Bailan is made out of burned scriptures , incense ash which offer great protection and removing negative energy.  Gold flakes , Lp Pae's hairs was used when pressing and takrut emblem inside.

This piece is beautiful and in top condition, gold leaves trace can be seen at the back , is believe to be those gold leaves used to bless the material needed for the consecration which when pressed remain in the amulet.



All Lp Pae 's amulets is to bring great loving kindness, protection , smooth sailing and improvement in career. As metta is the first thing we need after protection, who give opportunity to some one you don't like?

Therefore all the smooth sailing and improvement came after you gain loving kindess. All the above information is gather from Lp at Wat Pikulthong and other Lp Pae 's Fan for information sharing. 

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