Stephen Lim
Stephen Lim

Stephen Lim

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Incantation Ink 


Basic VIP Member 


Name of VIP: Stephen Lim 


Date Join: 22/06/2022


Location Join: Direct Amulets Sales




  • 10% on every amulets (Exclude Exclusive Tier)
  • 70% buy back in terms of cash on all amulets from us (In Original Condition)
  • 2% cash back (maximum at $80) not applicable to installment


Terms & Conditions


  • Membership will be Life TimeCash back & buy back will only apply to amulets
  • All cash back & credits will be valid for 1 year (End of June)
  • All cash back & credits will are all non refundable 

Travel & Transportation

  • Vip rate for transport , restaurant and recreation
  • Hotel arrangement

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  •   $1.40 cashback. 











Rewards Redeemed: