Loop Lor Silver BE 2517
Loop Lor Silver BE 2517
Loop Lor Silver BE 2517
Loop Lor Silver BE 2517
Loop Lor Silver BE 2517

Loop Lor Silver BE 2517

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Loop Lor Phim Yai (Phim Nergn)
Luang Por Pae
Wat Pikulthong
BE 2517

If interested to Worship , PM us for more details.

One of the most beautiful Loop Lor (Self Image) conscreated by Luang Por Pae , Wat Pikulthong in year 2517.

Made using silver material , this batch had the closer image to Luang Por Pae.

This piece is very beautiful , with very sharp feature and beautiful texture.

Wearing self image in Thai Culture , believe to consistently remind wearer the existing of Luang Por's teaching , remind them not to do bads deeds and to cultivate good practices.

Luang Por Pae amulets are highly worshipped in Thailand , specially Singburi Province and oversea country like China , HK , Taiwan , Malaysia and Singapore.

Very famous for Metta Maha Niyom (Grace Popularity and Loving Kindness) which is needed in current era of business and working industry.

万事人缘为先 , in order to show your capabilities , people need to like you first , to give chance to you , support your business then you can achieve wealth and dreams.

Luang Por Pae's amulets greatly help in this area and is one of the amulets which never go wrong.

No matter who wearing and in which industry , one that wear Luang Por Pae's amulets will achieve more then others.

Wrapped ready in waterproof acrylic frame , 💯% authentic , full refund if found fake in any shop or competition.