Phra Khun Pean BE 2522 (Phim Glaad)

Phra Khun Pean BE 2522 (Phim Glaad)

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Phra Khun Pean Phim Glaad
Luang Por Pae
Wat Pikulthong
BE 2522

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The only batch of Phra Khun Pean amulet Conscreated by Luang Por Pae Wat Pikulthong.

Made using 108 Ner Phoong Kersong material , this batch is highly recognised for it effectiveness for Opposite Sex Attraction , Charm , Charisma and Protection

Come in 3 sizes , Phim Yai (Big) , Phim Klang (Medium) , Phim Lek (Small) this piece is Phim Yai (Big)

In very good condition with clear face , robe , hands and details.

💯% authentic , full refund if found fake in any shop or competition