Available Services

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We had listed down , range of Services which is available on our side. Do take a look and support us. Any services you are interested do PM us for more details


                            *** Amulets Renting ***


We are specialist shop dealing in Authentic and Quality amulets of Luang Por Pae Wat Pikulthong. 


Our side guarantees in delivering high-quality standard amulets in good and original condition. All amulets brought from us are covered in our buy-back policy. 


We are also collaborated into Thai amulets industry in "Phatip" with our thai partners.


               *** SMK Authenticity Card and X-Ray ***


We provide service for helping to send amulets up to do SMK authenticity card and X-ray as well. If interested do PM us for costing. 


We only do SMK card under Thai Amulets Association , others type of card we at the moment are not doing. 


                      *** Pithong (Gold Pasting) ***


We had gold pasting services for Bucha (Buddha Statue) or even amulets. 


One stop service , you only need to PM us the pic and sizing of the Bucha or amulets for quotation. We will collect it on your doorstep and delivery back to you after Gold Pasting had been done.


All our Gold are using high quality real thai gold and are done by monks in temple. Which ensure all your Buddha Statue are properly handing and take care of. 


                       *** Gold Frame Wrapping ***


We had Gold Frame wrapping services in Thailand , Malaysia and Singapore. Which are for different needs and request. 


In Malaysia and Singapore , we are using 916 Gold and fully customized. All gold costing are cost to cost , do PM us for more details. 


                    *** Travel , Hotel & Recreation ***


We are into Travel , Hotel and Recreation area in Thailand. We had more than 15 vehicles available and ready. 


Hotels in different areas and provinces include Sukhumvit , Pratunam and Khao Yai. 


Do check up our travel collections by visiting our website www.incantationinkamulets.com 


                     *** Events and Merits Making ***


We do special event blessing ceremonies on special occasions for wealth lifting , good luck etc


Merits making events services such as Coffin Donating , Food donation , Temple building , School Charity etc. All will be update thru our Facebook main page. 


Friends who wish to make a monthly contribution can PM us for more information.